How we created 100+ recurring customers for small business in Pune?

BoostBizness success story

This 2020 year is really filled with challenges for small business owners. To sustain in such environment business owners have to take hard & creative decisions. While delivering our best services we got one client who wants to do startup in Pune region.

He was really enthusiastic but he don’t know how to market his services. We taken a call with him and understand his business. He wan’ts to do local delivery of Milk, Iron pressed cloths & water Jars. His vision was clear, he had done basic market research & identified pain points of customers.

Due to corona pandemic there was huge opportunities open in even small cities. We made first meeting with him and he was agree with our pricing & our services.

Once we understand use cases of customer we take in speed & implement those. We haven’t set any targeted leads for this customer. We had just set budget of only 2 days with 400 rupee daily spending limit. Even we haven’t set any landing page website, we had used simple whatsapp link to collect leads.

We created our first creative which makes people curious and run it over Facebook & Instagram. While creating this campaign we had targeted laser focused audience & that was winning part of our client’s success.

Some time simplistic things win early same thing was happened with us. Simple traffic campaign gave around 20k of revenue to our customer in just 3 days.

I agree that if we want to grow this business on next level then definitely we have to implement proper funnel to nurture customers. Our client was really happy that we gave 100+ recurring customers to him in just 3 days.

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